Welcome to our presentation cups section. There are over 900 cup designs available over four categories.

We have a collection of prestigious gold plated and silver plated cups. Or choose from our range of nickel plated cups. Last but not least we have a huge range of trophy cups.

There are two main types of cups:
1 – Metal cups.
Available in a variety of finishes including gold plated, silver plated and nickel plated.
These can all be engraved on the body of the cup itself and on the base plate or plinth band.
We can also engrave logos, crests and other designs on to these cups along with text. If you would like a design engraving onto the cup please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

2 – Trophy cups.
These are made from a variety of materials including metal, plastic and marble. It is common for trophy cups to be constructed from all three materials.
Many of the trophy cups will accept a 1 inch circular centre badge. You can choose one of our standard centre badges. Centre badges can also be personalised with your own logo or design.