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Along with delivering you a great product at a great price, we also offer free engraving on all standard trophy plates, our free engraving includes a choice of fonts and no character limit!

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Annual Shields

Annual Shields

Check out our huge range of quality Annual Shields that can be updated yearly, quarterly or even monthly. Annual Shields can be presented at any event or competition for any sport for anyone! They are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs, they can all be customised with personalised engraving, many can also be personalised with a free standard centre badge or add your own design with a custom centre badge.

Buy your Annual Shields online from The Trophy Store - The best in the UK for Achievement Awards and Engraving, and get free engraving on all standard trophy plates and free delivery if you spend over £150

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GW-D601A Dark Cherry 7 Year Shield 25.5cm (10")
GW-D601B Dark Cherry 9 Year Shield 30.5cm (12")
GW-D601C Dark Cherry 11 Year Shield 35.5cm (14")
GW-D601D Dark Cherry 13 Year Shield 41cm (16")
GW-D601E Dark Cherry 21 Year Shield 46cm (18")
GW-D602A Maple 9 Year Budget Shield 25.5cm (10")
GW-D603A Mahogany Finish 7 Year Shield 20.5cm (8")
GW-D604A Maple 9 Year Presentation Shield 28cm (11")
GW-D604B Maple 11 Year Presentation Shield 33cm (13")
GW-D605A Mahogany 7 Year Shield 25.5cm (10")
GW-D605B Mahogany 9 Year Shield 30.5cm (12")
GW-D605C Mahogany 11 Year Shield 35.5cm (14")
GW-D605D Mahogany 13 Year Shield 41cm (16")
GW-D606A Maple 7 Year Presentation Shield 25.5cm (10")
GW-D606B Maple 9 Year Presentation Shield 30.5cm (12")
GW-D606C Maple 11 Year Presentation Shield 35.5cm (14")
GW-D607A Dark Cherry 7 Year Shield 25.5cm (10")
GW-D607B Dark Cherry 9 Year Shield 30.5cm (12")
GW-D607C Dark Cherry 12 Year Shield 35.5cm (14")
JR39-TRS11 - 279mm Annual Shield
JR39-TRS12 - 324mm Annual Shield
JR39-TRS14 - 356mm Annual Shield
JR39-TRS16 - 406mm Annual Shield
JR39-TRS9 - 229mm Annual Shield
JR39-TRS95A - 152 x 203mm Annual Shield
JR39-TRS95B - 178 x 229mm Annual Shield
JR39-TRS95C - 203 x 254mm Annual Shield
JR39-TRS99A - 203 x 254mm Annual Shield
JR39-TRS99B - 229 x 305mm Annual Shield
TA-PS16 Principal Annual Plaque Award 225x300mm
TA-PS17145A Supreme Rosewood Annual Plaque 300x225mm
TA-PS27 The Milestone Spoon 600mm
TA-SH1528A Superior Annual Plaque Award 230x190mm
TA-SH1528B Superior Annual Plaque Award 290x245mm
TA-SH1529B Premier Annual Plaque Award 180x260mm
TA-SH1530A Cascade Annual Shield Award 255mm
TA-SH1530B Cascade Annual Shield Award 305mm
TA-SH3999 The Ultimate Annual Shield Award 400mm
TA-SH4000 The Supreme Annual Shield Award  360mm
TA-SH4001 The Jubilation Annual Shield Award 320mm
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